Schizophrenia: Three Moms in the Trenches

Listeners in the Spotlight, Act 2: Tell Us Your Story (Ep. 72)

August 02, 2023 Randye Kaye Season 3 Episode 22
Schizophrenia: Three Moms in the Trenches
Listeners in the Spotlight, Act 2: Tell Us Your Story (Ep. 72)
Show Notes

The last time we invited our listeners to share their stories, the response was incredible - so we are doing it again!

Here are stories from families dealing with SMI (serious mental illness), including one gentleman who lives with the diagnosis himself.

You are not alone.

You’ll hear about early symptoms, incarcerations, fear, finances, the roller coaster of diagnoses, medications, and relapses…second hits, good periods, HIPAA barriers, and more….including, yes, some success and hope.

We end with ways we care for ourselves. Here is the list from the chat:

  • outdoors/nature
  • family and friends
  • faith
  • Swim
  • walk, talk with friends, family
  • inside Schizophrenia podcast
  • NAMI/ Family to Family
  • help others
  • cry when you need to
  • research
  • Being an advocate!!!
  • enjoy the good moments
  • vacations...breaks
  • 1. Antipsychotic drug 2. Family and friends 3. Disclosure - talking with people
  • walk, podcasts, audiobooks, escape
  • celebrate the small
  • every little moment is big
  • mindfulness
  • LEAP is the best communication tool to help with your relationship with loved one with SMI
  • connecting with people
  • permission to have joy
  • Meditation… chanting monks…
  •  Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has some great CD’s with brainwaves that help to calm the rough waters and bring peace.
  • you don't have to give up joy just because you have grief

Mindy and her book:

Randye and her book:

Miriam and her book:



Randye Kaye - was a morning Radio Personality bringing humor to CT families when her own son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now she is still a Broadcaster, Actress, Voice Talent, Speaker, and Author (Ben Behind his Voices, Happier Made Simple)

Miriam Feldman -  is an artist, writer, and the mother of an adult son with schizophrenia. Her book, He Came in With It chronicles her family's story and was released to rave reviews on July 21st, 2020.

Mindy Greiling - Mindy Greiling was a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for twenty years. She helped found the nation's first state mental health caucus, which successfully lobbied for a significant increase in Minnesota's mental health funding Her acclaimed memoir is Fix What You Can.

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