Schizophrenia: Three Moms in the Trenches

Tools of Hope: Family Empowerment and Care Coordination in Mental Illness

July 14, 2021 Randye Kaye Season 1 Episode 21
Schizophrenia: Three Moms in the Trenches
Tools of Hope: Family Empowerment and Care Coordination in Mental Illness
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Today is about solutions -( we’ve done a lot of episodes about problems) - and at the end we’ll share some free resources to help you if someone in your family has schizophrenia - 

Guest: Michael Mackniak, JD
Free resources:

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Mike’s book : Saving Melissa

Michael Mackniak specializes in coaching families and fiduciaries, to help them with the  ability to get the comprehensive services for their loved ones, friends or clients.

He wrote "Saving Melissa: The Seven 7C's for Curing the Mental Health System" . It has insight and strategies into the process of creating an interrelated service system in their community.  

 He also leads Guardian Ad Litem Services, better known as Melissa’s Project, which is a copyrighted program based on Care Coordination.

We Talk About:

What are the  7 c’s, and the obstacles you face when trying to implement them ?

(Core Concepts you have found to be most successful in providing effective and efficient services in mental health treatment?)     

  1. Client Centered, 
  2. Communicative, 
  3. Collaborative, 
  4. Consistent,   
  5. Comprehensive, 
  6. Committed, 
  7. Coordinated

What are some of the common issues that you face when implementing your program

           People don’t want to be leaders

           HIPAA myths and misconceptions

           Reluctance to change (systemically)

           Institutional memory

           “Who do you think you are?”


Why is Family Empowerment so important? Are there Core concepts there, too? And challenges?  

Getting Tools of Hope -  and More Resources   


“I really hate seeing broken systems...and there is nothing more inefficient than our mental health systems.” - Michael 


“I firmly believe the systems cannot change and will not work without the assistance of the families. Without family help the rate of success is vastly diminished.” - Michael


“The mental illness that you’re going through cannot define your family, and it cannot define you and who you are as a person.” - Michael 

 Who Are the 3 Moms?

Randye Kaye -Broadcaster, Actress, Voice Talent, Speaker, and Author (Ben Behind his Voices”)

Miriam Feldman – Artist, Mom, Author “He Came in With It

Mindy Greiling – member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for twenty years. Activist, Legislator, Author (“Fix What You Can

The 7 c's of Care
Psychiatriasts on Board?
Family Empowerment
Link for Free resources
EDUCATION helps families
Breaking the News: This isn't going away